dilluns, 20 de març de 2017


By singing these songs you will be able to practice and learn vocabulary about the city of London. During this week we will be working on comparative sentences. Have fun!

Big Ben is not a person
Big Ben is not a clock
Big Ben is not a tower
It's a bell: ding dong

A Science museum, to learn about space
Astronauts, rockets, awesome place
At the British Museum you can see
Egyptian mummies; it's free!

700 species in London Zoo
Reptiles*, Amphibians, Invertebrates too *[1st time only]
Penguins waddle, crocodiles snap
No you can't stroke a crocodile on your lap!

Round and round goes The London Eye
It's 130 meters high
Buckingham Palace is where The Queen sleeps
And The Prime Minister at Downing Street.

If you're tired, and need to eat
get fish n chips and a cup of tea